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need turban-tying lessons
Anonymous asked:

May we have the recipe for that scrumptious looking fried rice?

Sorry, there are no exact measurements.

Long grain rice
Hot curry
Sweet corn, garden peas, chopped carrots (or mixed veg)
Chopped fresh flat leaf parsley
Chopped large red onion
Chopped celery sticks
Chopped fresh garlic
Chopped green bell peppers
Chopped scotch bonnet peppers
Stock cubes (maggi or knorr)
Sea salt, spices & herbs (I used; turmeric, dried mixed herbs, garlic powder, ground coriander, white pepper etc - feel free to use whatever ones you’ve got in your cupboard)
Shrimps, chopped american style hotdogs

I used easy cook long grain rice which has already been parboiled.
If you’re using normal rice, parboil it with a bit of sea salt and rinse it.

In a separate pot or wok, stir-fry the rest of the ingredients
Return the rice to the hob then add the curry and turmeric and chopped carrots. If you’re using mixed veg instead, skip adding the carrots.
Boil it for ten minutes or less/more till the rice is almost cooked, then drain the excess water off.
Combine the rice with the stir-fried veg and meat and cook them both till the rice is completely cooked.

You shouldn’t get with anyone who lies to you. They obviously can not be trusted.

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You know what I hate?
Boys who deny ever being with a girl just to get into another girl’s pants.
Behave. Yourself.
Why are you lying?
Can’t you just say the truth?
Ugh. Sometimes I wish I was a boxing champion.

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Anonymous asked:

Could we know what lippie you have on in your most recent photo? Looks beautiful on you. :)

Thank you! It’s a mix of MAC’s Heroine lipstick + Currant lip liner

Anonymous asked:

What skin care products would you most recommended? Thanks!

Extra virgin organic coconut oil. It’s my body oil, hair oil, makeup remover etc. It’s really helped with my under eye dark circles. Lush body washes and soaps too.
I’m not a product whore. I keep my skin care routine simple.


You mad?
It is important that you learn how to differentiate between “want” & “need”.

Anonymous asked:

Where do you shop?

I’m going to give you a long answer that you didn’t ask for.

Get ready.

With the exception of grabbing a few basics from the Zara sale and thrifting with my best friend last week, I haven’t gone shopping in months.

Why? I don’t believe it’s necessary. Someone once said to me “you bloggers must shop a lot”. In my mind, I thought “bullshit”.

I can’t stress the importance of buying what you only need. I’m still learning how to do that and my spending habits have improved greatly. I only really buy food.

I realised that I used to shop a lot when I was stressed. Not healthy, you’re just avoiding the problem. New shoes won’t fill that gap for long. This is why I say that “Retail Therapy” is crap. Face the problem at hand.

Also the most important factor. Clutter. All the clothes I bought were taking up space and I wasn’t wearing them that often. I don’t cope well in crowded environments. I find myself unable to do important work.

It’s taken a while but I’ve finally brought my wardrobe down to the basics, clothes I actually wear frequently.

I’ve given myself a new rule, if I buy one item, I give one away. That is except it’s something I know that I was definitely lacking e.g. a cardigan for winter. This helps maintain balance in my life. 

Before you buy an item, access the quality of the garment. Anuschka Rees has got a great post on her blog about that: http://into-mind.com/2014/05/04/how-to-assess-the-quality-of-garments-a-beginners-guide-cheat-sheet/

How many times will you wear this garment, how many things does it match in your wardrobe, can you think of more than three ways to style this garment with the rest of the items in your wardrobe? Consider the cost per wear. Will it be worth the buy?

A bad habit is buying an item that matches nothing in your wardrobe and then going right back out to buy things to match that item. You’re building up clutter.

A lot of people don’t follow laundry instructions or take proper care of their clothes. This is important if you want them to last. Read the labels. I try to not buy dry-clean only items because I usually forget and toss them in the washing machine. Wash coloured items separately. Don’t ruin your nice white shirt by washing it with red pants.

To the bloggers out there, there’s nothing wrong with repeating clothes or outfits. I wore a dress yesterday to take blog photos and someone asked “haven’t you worn this on your blog before”. Yes, I have but I styled it differently. Be creative.

Let me answer your question. American Apparel, Zara. For basics like under-shirts or vests H&M have got really good basics. Like whoa I’ve had this vest that I’ve used for almost 4 years now from H&M and it’s still going strong. I see at least 4 more years in it’s future. I may or may not be exaggerating.

I do have a fair amount of River Island, Topshop & their concessions, Miss Selfridge & Urban Outfitters concessions from previous years though.

There’s nothing wrong with shopping secondhand/vintage/thrifted items. You tend to not have the same thing as every Thumbelina, Dascha & Harriet. And you get good quality clothes for a fraction of the price. I scored a men’s Burberry shirt for £10. I’m trying to authenticate it though, almost tooo good to be true

Sometimes you have to put up with doing a certain thing that you don’t like just to get the chance to really do what you want to do.